Sept 21, 2013: “Elvis Presley”

Phil Q. was our toastmaster for a fun meeting with the theme of Elvis Presley. Edie started us off with a creative memory game for Exercise and Inspiration, and we were especially pleased to learn that Edie recently earned her CC as well as her CL. Way to go!! (And we celebrated with cake – yum!) Table topics had interesting Elvis-related questions to keep with the theme of the day. Best speaker was Rebecca and best table topics was Nadine.

The meeting ended with a reminder: Anna is hosting the Area 57/58 Humorous Speech Contest that’s coming up!
WHEN: October 1, 2013 @ 6:30 pm – 9:45 pm
WHERE: KCLS Service Center
960 Newport Way Northwest
Issaquah,WA 98027


Sept 7, 2013: Humorous Speech Contest

Liz organized a great Humorous Speech Contest. Guarav was fantastic as toastmaster, and the speakers were terrific.

Humorous Speech:
1st: Mupopa Tshibuabua
2nd: Siva Kumar Kalva
3rd: Brian Walsh

Table Topics:
1st: Mupopa Tshibuabua
2nd: Jack Fecker
3rd: Leo Novsky
Mupopa will be competing on behalf of another club in the Area 51 contest, so Redmond 2828 will be represented by Siva and Jack. The Area 51 contest will be held Sept 15, 4-7pm at the Redmond branch of the KCLS library (15990 N.E. 85th, Redmond, WA 98052). 

Aug 25, 2013 “Weddings”

by Joana Tou

We had yet another great meeting on Saturday 8/25 with the theme “Weddings.” Liz woke us up by giving us an exercise that challenged both our mental and coordination abilities. We had 3 terrific impromptu speeches, which, together with Anna’s “How to Win a Humorous Speech Contest” speech, resulted in a close race to the Best Speaker award (Jack won.) Bogdon won the Best Evaluator award with his practical yet witty evaluation on Anna’s speech.

Table Topics was in a creative format. Two participants had to argue for and against certain weddings traditions. Anju, our two-time guest, won the Best Table Topics award with her interesting twist on bouquet toss and arranged marriage.

Once again, we were all glad that we fought off the temptation to sleep in and kicked off our weekend by going to the meeting!

July 20th, 2013: Seafair theme

by Dennis Armstrong

The meeting started on time.  After the Pledge we recited the club Mission Statement. Two guests were introduced Clint and Nithica. The presiding officer introduced the area Governor Archana Verma who installed the new officers for the next 6 months.

The meeting was then turned over to the Toastmaster who fumbled through the introductions of the support staff.  The speaking portion of the meeting went well with three speakers. Two prepared speeches and one impromptu.

After the break Joanna the Table Topics master held a debate format table topic focusing on the week’s theme of Seafair.  Ferrin took over the control of the meeting to conduct the evaluation portion.  Clint the guest evaluated first, followed by Liz J, and Brian L evaluated the impromptu speech. 

Ferrin gave his evaluation of the meeting and returned control to the toastmaster.  There was a brief awards ceremony for educational and leadership awards conducted by the Area Gov Archana. .

The results of the balloting were as follows:

  • Best Table Topics-  the team of Brian W and Brian L
  • Best Evaluator-  the guest evaluator Clint P
  • Best speaker- Rebecca A

The meeting ended 10 minutes early after soliciting the schedule for next week.


June 29, 2013 – “Your Mood”

Our toastmaster Liz Jenson led an excellent meeting with the theme “Your Mood”. Kanako won best speaker for her speech about kayaking gear, including a demonstration of the gear. Dennis created a table topics based around quotations, and Kanako also won best table topics. Leo won best evaluator. In all, we had great participation for such a warm and sunny day.

Officer Elections

Congratulations to the newly elected officers for the next six months:

President -Joana Tou – As the president will be the face of our club. She also will lead and inspire us.
VP of Education Dennis Armstrong – He will ensure that we have great meetings and progress through our manuals without too much procrastination
VP of Membership Liz Jenson – she will meet and greet out guests and make them feel welcome.
VP of PR Rebecca Achterman – she will spread the word about our great club and keep our website up to date.
Treasurer – Wenzhong Wu – He will take your money when your dues will be due.
Secretary – Siva Kumar Kalva – he will keep records of our officers meetings
Sergeant at arms – Brian Walsh – he will make sure our room is ready for the meeting and that our club has everything it needs.

Time is $$$

We had a productive meeting today with the theme “Time is $$$”.

Rabin gave a very professional speech about cardiac arrest.  I put him on
the spot to conduct a Q&A session, and he answered many questions from the
audience confidently.  It was quite impressive.

Anna did a dry run of her contest speech about her overcoming stuttering.
The humorous yet inspiring speech was a great prelude for the contest season
starting next month.

Encouraging evaluations were presented by Ajay and Brian.  Sola’s Table
Topics were so interesting, Liz couldn’t resist participating twice!  Jack
gave a detailed and motivating general evaluation.  Sabine did a good job as
a 1st-time ah counter.  Thank you for the good job, everyone!

Had two 2nd-time guests, David and Nemish.

Best speaker: Anna
Best evaluator: Brian
Best TT: 5 way tie – you know who you are

Today I demonstrated the liberty of the Toastmaster.  When you are the
meeting Toastmaster, you can make your own agenda without using the club
template, shuffle the order of the events, and can close the program by
presenting the Best awards and making a closing statement summing up the
theme before returning the control of the meeting back to the presiding
officer.  Agenda and scripts provided by the club are merely for your
convenience – you can use them or can modify them.  You may not always get
positive reactions, but so what?  Toastmasters club is a safe place to make
a mistake.  I encourage members to try something different.